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TRIM Türgriff

Das geometrische Element dieses Griffes ist der Zylinder, der sich sowohl im Rohling als auch in den Griffmulden wiederfindet. Rotationssymmetrische Körper werden so miteinander verschnitten, dass eine dynamische und ergonomische Kontur entsteht. Daumen, Zeigefinder und Handballen finden intuitiv ihren Platz. Die deutsche Firma KOBER, führend […]

FOLD table

From a 6 mm thick steel sheet is created by cutting and bending a simple, constructive table leg. A clear, logical shape, which looks filigree and elegant and at the same time impresses with its high stability. For the first time, the table was presented […]


Sorry, this entry is only available in German. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language. Glaubt man den Trendforschern, wird die neue Arbeitswelt immer flexibler und mobiler, […]

(Deutsch) RESIM

The luminaire series RESIM, in its basic form, consists of an illuminated cone made of frosted glass. Form-fitting, without additional fastening, it is completed by simple geometric bodies, which give the light and thus the lamp its direction, shape and function.

SAMESAME edition for Kkaarrlls

The series SAMESAME mainly consists of commercially available, but very differently reshaped glass bottles. And yet the reworked bottles retain their essential characteristics so that their type-specific classification remains recognizable: the water bottle becomes a water jug and the wine bottle a wine carafe.SAMESAME is […]


To understand the process of metal spinning and to experience the technique’s boundaries, the designer and the metal spinner Fatih Dogan experimented with perforated metal plates. The object series combines new technologies such as laser cutting and automated punching processes with traditional metal spinning techniques, […]

TANGRAM Schalenset

The Tangram is a geometrical puzzle, consisting of seven two-dimensional shapes which can be arranged to form any desired figure, pattern or picture. The game sets nearly no rules and limits. The platter set 7IEBEN transfers this creativity and design freedom to the table. You […]


Istanbul is home to many handcraft techniques which are virtually extinct in Germany. Metal spinning is one of them. For this process sheet metal is shaped over a steel mold by us ing edgeless tools and a turning machine. By way of force, patience and […]


A series of remodeled glass bottles emerged from Laura Jungmann’s Product Design diploma “Same, same. But different”. This multiply rewarded work was the origin for the glass collection SAMESAME, which was realized in cooperation with glass blower Cornelius Réer. SAMESAME is a collection of reformed […]

ISTANBUL’DAN – Design Experience Istanbul

The noise, the old and the new, the improvised and the temporary – all the stories that are told and all the experiences shared, the constant change and all the unpredictable aspects of life. What fascinates and captivates us is the versatility and complexity at […]

Chat Machine

In recent decades, the social and demographic structures of the Western world have changed dramatically. The “retirement”, which was experienced by the fewest because of a lower level of expectation at the end of the 19th century, today forms an individual part of its life […]

Same, same. But different.

The term “sustainability” has been used excessively and often without concept over the last few years. As a result, the essence of the word slowly faded into obscurity. With my diploma thesis I tried and developed generic alternative products to new productions, on the basis of […]


Zeitgeist demands that we always stay current. New trends and tendencies are being declared at ever shorter intervals and confirmed by corresponding novelties. As a consequence, the aesthetic half-life of many products labeled as design items tends towards zero; they become outdated at increasingly shorter […]