Chat Machine


In recent decades, the social and demographic structures of the Western world have changed dramatically. The “retirement”, which was experienced by the fewest because of a lower level of expectation at the end of the 19th century, today forms an individual part of its life on average for about 20 years. Technical development is progressing so fast that many people do not want to or can not keep pace with retirement generation. This also affects the communication between people and, above all, people from different generations. Grandmother sends letters to her family while the daughter communicates via email and SMS.

The chat machine resembles a classic writing desk and yet is full of modern technology and informatics: on a special paper, short messages are held with a digital pen. The notes of the digital pen are then digitized directly and sent by e-mail to a desired recipient by pressing only one button. Incoming messages or images are printed directly.

In Collaboration with: Christian Klotz und Tina Becker for  FZI Forschungszentrum Informatik in Karlsruhe.
Created in the context of the project Chico: A project about multimodal interaction systems with networked everyday objects to increase social interaction, participation and security.Funded by the BMBF within the framework of a scientific preliminary project in the area of ​​human-technology interaction. Promotion Indicator: 16SV6186 Duration: 01.06.2013 – 31.07.2014