A series of remodeled glass bottles emerged from Laura Jungmann’s Product Design diploma “Same, same. But different”. This multiply rewarded work was the origin for the glass collection SAMESAME, which was realized in cooperation with glass blower Cornelius Réer. SAMESAME is a collection of reformed […]

ISTANBUL’DAN – Design Experience Istanbul

The noise, the old and the new, the improvised and the temporary – all the stories that are told and all the experiences shared, the constant change and all the unpredictable aspects of life. What fascinates and captivates us is the versatility and complexity at […]

Chat Machine

In recent decades, the social and demographic structures of the Western world have changed dramatically. The “retirement”, which was experienced by the fewest because of a lower level of expectation at the end of the 19th century, today forms an individual part of its life […]

Same, same. But different.

The term “sustainability” has been used excessively and often without concept over the last few years. As a result, the essence of the word slowly faded into obscurity. With my diploma thesis I tried and developed generic alternative products to new productions, on the basis of […]

The Sun Heat Project – Milano 2012

Students of HfG Karlsruhe, ENSCI – les ateliers and UDK Berlin present pioneering ideas for the use of solar thermal energy in modern cities. Project Curated by Stefan Diez, HfG Karlsruhe. In collaboration with BASF SE, designfabrik. Exhibition Design realized with Martha Schwindling.   PDF Catalogue realized by […]


Zeitgeist demands that we always stay current. New trends and tendencies are being declared at ever shorter intervals and confirmed by corresponding novelties. As a consequence, the aesthetic half-life of many products labeled as design items tends towards zero; they become outdated at increasingly shorter […]